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Do you thrive in a stimulating data-driven environment with plenty of challenges and opportunities? Do you value a great team spirit and are you looking for a position in a growing and passionate company?

Great! Then we might have the dream job for you.


Our career opportunities

Senior Data Governance Specialist

Senior Power BI Specialist

“As I embarked on my career, I sought a workplace that felt like a warm, welcoming family. At DataVise, it's not just a job: we're a close-knit group of friends who also enjoy fun outside of working hours. Projects are assigned based on your areas of interest, and you always have the opportunity to explore new data domains. Every colleague at DataVise is eager to share knowledge on various topics and assist you when needed. This way, we collaborate extensively, learn continuously, and stay up-to-date with the latest technology trends. I'm grateful that I chose a company where appreciation and recognition are highly valued."


Matthias Smeets, Power BI Consultant


Our people are our mojo

At DataVise, we cultivate a workplace where communication is key, everyone matters, and learning never stops. We believe in fostering a culture of open dialogue and initiative, where hierarchical structures are replaced by collaboration and mutual respect.

Our commitment to continuous learning ensures that our team members stay at the forefront of their fields, supported by a culture of knowledge sharing and mentorship. Innovation drives us forward, empowering us to deliver cutting-edge solutions that drive success for our clients and ourselves.

But it's not just about the work.


We believe in enjoying the journey together, building strong bonds through teamwork and fun-filled activities. At our company, every voice is valued, every idea welcomed, and every moment cherished.

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