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Get to know our origin, our goals and our core values.


Part of an established and growing family

DataVise started in July 2023 as a new initiative within the DataSense group to accelerate the development of our expertise and services in data strategy, governance, visualization and analytics to become an even stronger end-to-end partner in data.

Since its start in 2017, DataSense has built a strong expertise in data platforms, data architecture and data engineering and has grown to a group with over 65 data talents in Belgium and the Netherlands.


Empowering your data-driven success


As part of the DataSense family, our mission is to empower our customers to maximize the impact of data on their business success.


At DataVise, we specialize in data strategy, governance, visualization and analytics. We work in close collaboration with our customers to align data efforts to business goals, to deliver data solutions - such as reporting and analytics - for business problems, to build an effective and efficient data-driven culture and more.


Our unwavering commitment is to be your trusted partner, driving tangible value creation, building a long-term oriented relationship, and celebrating shared success together.

Johan Vanwetswinkel, Managing Partner

Johan is a data passionate with over 25 years of experience in leadership roles of data teams at companies such as KBC Group and Telenet.  He has a creative and problem-solving mindset, always eager to learn and to improve.  As managing partner of DataVise, he wants to build an amazing team of data experts to help companies drive their business success through the value and impact of data.


What we stand for


Open communication is key

We champion the power of open and genuine communication, both with our esteemed customers and within our cherished teams.  Our conversations are defined by candor and a straightforward approach, ensuring clarity, mutual respect, and decisions that pivot on your interests.  Internally, we dismantle hierarchical barriers, valuing each voice and perspective, and fostering a culture where initiative is celebrated.

Keep on learning

Developing everyone's talent is always encouraged and we are very proud of what our people have accomplished.  Through continuous learning by following training courses, obtaining recognized certificates and collaborating with our partners, our consultants stay ahead of the curve.


Sharing is caring

Here, we're all about sharing the good stuff - knowledge, success, you name it.  Our team is your team, always pooling our know-how to make things shine.  And when it comes to working with our customers, your win is our cheer.  We’re in this together, swapping insights and celebrating each milestone, big or small, on the path to shared success.

Innovation drives us

Our commitment to innovation means we continuously explore and implement new technologies and methodologies, ensuring your business benefits from the most current and relevant data solutions.  As we cultivate a data-driven future together, our approach ensures reliability and progressive success in every step of your journey.


Enjoy the journey

We dive deep into data and relish the ride!  Our team gives their all, but we also hit pause for laughs, high-fives, and the occasional team outing.  We’re all about striking that sweet spot between stellar work and shared smiles, making sure every step we take is as enjoyable as the destination.

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